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New Advanced Treatment For Fibroids

New Advanced Treatment For Fibroids

Uterine artery emobilization ( UAE ) is a minimal invasive procedure aimed at shrinking fibroids in women diagnosed with having fibroids. Rather than removing them surgically, the procedure shrinks the fibroids avoiding hysterectomy or myomectomy ( removal of the fibroids alone ) to eliminate symptoms such as pelvic pain and / or heavy bleeding.

Although an attractive alternative to a hysterectomy to treat fibroids, AEU prevents the need to go through the pains following a hysterectomy. because a hysterectomy is the cure to fibroids. The fibroids will definitely not come back as there will no longer be a place for the fibroids to grow. Specially trained doctors use imaging techniques to see inside the uterus while guiding a narrow tube through blood vessels. The UAE procedure then shrinks the fibroid eliminating all of its blood supply. Plastic particles are then injected into the arteries to plug them perfectly blocking the blood supply. However, this procedure is not full proof as the possibility of the fibroids growing back or in other places is not diminished making more surgery necessary if they return. AEU effectively spares the uterus and cuts down on hospital time, and recovery is fairly fast.

Other options to remove fibroids include Hysteroscopy resection, which use electric currents shaving the fibroid from the uterus breaking them into pieces which can then be removed through the vagina. There is some concern in this procedure that particles from the pieces may enter other organs and affect them in a negative manner. But for women the procedure that does not require surgery is most sought after for fibroid removal and avoidance of hysterectomy. AEU is very effective and rarely is there any complications and usually results in a lighter menstrual bleeding and pelvic pressure that causes pain. The only reportable side effects following surgery is nausea, committing, and some mild cramping for a limited amount of time making this the most cost and time effective procedure available today.

If you think that this procedure might be an attractive choice for you, then you should consult your doctor and ask about options with local surgeons. Most hospitals now offer this treatment because of its effectiveness, but some seem to be stuck in the past. You also need to find out whether or not your particular fibroids are operable using this method, since some cases make it too complicated or difficult to do.

Many women have for several years debated the idea that hysterectomy is the only option for women with fibroid problems prompting doctors to look to alternative measures. It is important to know that there are other options available and each one should be examined carefully before a decision is made to have a hysterectomy. The location, size, number of fibroids and activity of the fibroids should me one of the determining factors in the decision to treat fibroids. Estrogen feeds the fibroids and it is well known that fatty tissue produces large amounts of estrogen, so if you are overweight additional factors may need attention in order to make an educated decision. Whatever the decision is that you make concerning the treatment of fibroids take into consideration all of your options before you take the word of someone, doctor, or others who try to tell you that Hysterectomy is the only option.

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